Decreasing Hurtful Sexual intercourse

Among the most detrimental signs and symptoms of Endometriosis, might  be the painful sex that comes with it! It merely looks like a slap in the face! After all surely, would we really like to take our relationships for a ride and test it a lot more than the psychological pros and cons, the frustration, reactions and the moments like, "am so pissed off and really feeling uncomfortable to talk much today?

Now, at time we find ourselves blending unpleasant sex to it, ending up with a perfect listing of elements, positive enough to “check” any relationship!
Therefore, I figured through a couple of simple things,  have assisted me and which could also assist you  to enjoy making love without  a frequenting pain and at times experience a total pain free bed game! I understand that these techniques might help or work for everyone plus i also know that a few of individuals have constant pain no matter what they try;  but who knows,  they might help from the very least relieving things that one expect. 

1. The right Moment is everything (Timing )
Generally there are better periods of the monthly calender that are suitable for you to to surely have awesome sex. Personally,i know the sweet moment, as the the few days after ovulation and prior to the monthly circle to turn out to be the greatest time. You can try out your ideal moment for yourself - a few women say the greatest occasion is before ovulation. By tracking your cycle and knowing precisely what your own system is undertaking then, you will succeed in knowing exactly what moment is least hurtful to you and endeavor to "enjoy yourself" throughout those moments. 

2. Isn't it time? (Lets do this)
This is just a precautionary for the bladder inflammation and potential infection again. I know if I rush the actual initial insertion part, my insides squeeze much more and I also tighten up more. If you have ever had sex when you drink you can understand this point a heap more - you simply relax into it more and naturally experience less pain in the process.
I find that if I wait and enjoy the moment and don't rush things, I get much less endo pain from sex.  

3. Get everything off in advance
If you want to reduce as much pressure down there as possible, well... go to the toilet. This helps heaps and also avoids any bladder infections popping up!

4. Select the least agonizing positions
This is kinda a given but naturally, we want to reduce any positions that involve anything "going so deep". Actually, this varies on different people depending on where once  endo  sits but for me, the deep stuff hurts the most.  

5. Consume a cup of water soon after and visit the rest room again
This is a little graphic and detailed but it does need a mention.

 6. Perform a simple Yoga exercise pose eventually
Yoga assures a normal blood flow to the body. It is a fundamental position will help release any stress build-up. The position is considered Baddha Konasana (Cobbler's pose)
 - Simply Sit on the floor together with your legs extended out
- breath-in as well as breath-out and while breathing out bring your own toes near to
your groin and push the sole of your feet against one another .
- Hold for your toes so when breathing out try to decrease your knees to the floor as much as you are able to.
 - Hold on this posture for about 3-5 minutes while slowly and gradually breathing in and out.You may also lay down and try these position, ensuring that you support the hips. (Simply hold on your knees). Although many of these points will assist you lessen the pain during sex, they're only "assisting". Ultimately, we still must heal the entire body to totally eradicate pain during intercourse - a true test of success at healing against Endo!