Information on cancer, signs of cancer, what causes cancer and treatment.

Cancer is derived from the word KAN-sir, a disease in which the body cells divide abnormally and uncontrollably. Once a cell has been affected, it affects other cells and may also invade the nearby tissues, move to the bloodstream, attack the lymphatic system and eventually the malignant cells (cancerous cells) would spread to other parts of the body resulting into tumors which are basically lumps or masses of tissues.
The tumors grow rapidly and cause negative effects to the human normal body functions such as digestive, nervous and even the circulatory systems. The cancerous cells get stronger and effective when they move through the blood stream and by using a process called Invasion to damage healthy human tissues hence weakening the normal immune system. They also separate and grow rapidly creating their own blood vessels, via a
process called angiogenesis.
Once the tumor spread in most parts of the body it gets metastasized a process itself known as metastasis. This is where most body healthy tissues are damaged. And as a result the condition becomes worse and very difficult to treat.

Causes of Cancer
In a span of one year, cancer claims more than 7.7million global lives as reported by oncologists. It’s very difficult for Cancer cells to die. They strictly follow their systematic growth and when they go through apoptosis cancer begin to form. There are quite a number of factors that leads Cancer. Chemicals, food, radiations, Infectious agents, genetics, hormones among others, form major causes of cancer. Cancer are named and classified according to the initially affected cell. There are 100 different types of cancer.

1. Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer can be described as the abnormal ultimate change in the genes that result from the mutational processes in the body. The mutational Process controls and changes the functioning of the body cells. This deadly disease is mostly associated with women but also affects a rare portion of men. It has proven a big enemy to women since it many women fear losing their breast or even worse. Out of 100 women, 75 of them are likely to be affected by breast cancer, or already know someone with breast cancer. And it is calculated that 15% of women in the U.S.A and 70% of women worldwide will live with breast cancer in their lifetime. Never the less, a simple remedy known as Breast Self Examination (BSE) can be used to quickly identify cancer symptoms at their earlier stages.

How to Perform a Brest Self Examination.

Breast Self Examination can be well timed immediately after a woman’s monthly period. Normally after your periodic cycle, try feeling your breast with your hands; there is a unique and more touchable lump that is potential to the cell of the breast cancer. If you feel the lamp, that is obviously a sign of breast cancer, but the good news is; you have no reason to panic since this would be curable depending on the size of the cancer cells. Dash to your doctor to perform a mammogram or an ultrasound procedure to identify if you’re a victim of the breast cancer and provide possible curable and prevention solutions for your condition.

Major Prevention of Breast Cancer.

Gurus say that the whole mechanism and secret lies on or day to day diet. You need to have a diet full of the greatest antidioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin E and the Vitamin C. These antidioxidants helps in releasing the natural Killer cells that quest and destroy the cancer cells. Foods like Sweet potatoe, bok choy and even spinach, provide a good capacity of beta-carotine. Phytonutrients also have the ability to stop cancer. Phytonutrients are fluid substance found in plants e.g the Broccoli.
Other causes of breast cancer include wearing of tight bras that gives no space to a free breast.